Literature Review on African Youth And The Impact Of Narrative.

Education News 25 September 2020,  Moky Makura

The world has been observing, prodding and analysing a new species called ‘the youth in Africa’. We know where to find them, how long they have been around and that there are far too many of them, but you probably don’t know much more for sure. The world needs a plan to manage the youth in Africa – or distract them because unlike viral trends we think we know why they’re trending.


We are scared of what so many young people – young Africans – unleashed on the world can do. Are they an asset or a liability?

So, we want to share what the 29 documents of literature including research reports, chapters and academic journal articles are saying about the youth in Africa. Although by no means comprehensive, the literature review does provide a snapshot into this ubiquitous group.

We’ve done the reading for you so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Download report here.