Our Fellows Programs

Other than our grants, we also have research and arts programs that allow us to work with and support cohorts of narrative changemakers working on projects that are aligned with our objectives. 

Storify Africa Fellows

Africa No Filter launched the Storify Africa Fellowship, and has selected four female journalists from across the continent to be a part of the inaugural cohort of fellows.

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About the Academic Fellows Program

The Academic Fellows program has brought together 11 African academics based around the continent and the Diaspora to investigate Africa’s narrative across a range of mediums and topics that include social media, arts reinstitution, the impact of COVID-19, and spoken word poetry.

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Academic Fellows

The ANF Academic Fellows program features African academics based both in the continent and the diaspora. They will conduct research across more than 15 African countries.

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About the Emerging Artists Fellows Program

The emerging Artists Fellows Program will provide 12 exceptional creative practitioners from across the continent with mentorship, peer to peer skills sharing and new networks through monthly fellow-led seminars throughout the year.

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Emerging Artists Fellows 2021/2022

The program is part of Africa No Filter’s mission of supporting storytellers in Africa and the Diaspora whose work shifts stereotypical narratives of the continent. The artists will get funding and mentorship to help develop and produce career-defining projects. Meet the Emerging Artists Fellows for 2021/2022.

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Arts Fellows 2019/2020

The first ANF fellows program featured storytellers who are using art and storytelling to create contemporary narratives about Africa.

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