We disrupt and advocate for narrative change. Africa No Filter is the narrative watchdog for the continent. We are tracking, recording and sharing learnings and data around stereotypical narratives. We use our voice and our platforms to applaud narrative changemakers and identify harmful narratives as they emerge. If you see examples of harmful storytelling we should highlight tag us on social media at @Africanofilter or email us at info@africanofilter.org

Read more about our Disruption programmes below:

Bird Story Agency:

What would you do if you found out that a third of the stories Africans read about each other come from Western sources? We’re taking back the pen with bird - Africa’s first and only news agency for stories of innovation, creativity, arts, culture, tourism and human interest. A digital-first, mobile journalism newsroom, bird works with multimedia journalists across Africa to produce content that connects the continent. Bird stories are published through the Creative Commons licence by ANF’s media partners. African media and publishing houses that want to work with Bird can contact bird@africanofilter.org. Read bird stories HERE. Visit the bird website HERE.

Global Media Index 4 Africa:

International news outlets and agencies still play a prominent role in shaping Africa’s narrative; how they tell Africa’s story matters. The Global Media Index 4 Africa is a way for ANF to address the way international outlets and agencies cover Africa. The index will rank 20 of the most influential global outlets on the continent based on their coverage of African stories. Indicators used in the Index include the number of Africa stories covered, diversity in the newsroom and content analysis. The Global Media Index is a partnership with ANF and the University of Cape Town. It’s co-funded by the Africa Centre (New York).

Social Media Tracking and Data Reports

Did you know that of the top 10 countries receiving Humanitarian Aid, only three are African countries (DR Congo, Ethiopia and Mozambique)? And since 2015, Asia receives the most amount of Humanitarian Aid than Africa. How about this fact - while many people assume the longest-serving leaders in the world are from Africa. Data shows that the top 3 longest-serving leaders are not. We track social media to investigate trending topics and perceptions about the continent on social media. We also use data to burst some of the long-held myths about Africa through What, No? Really! A social media campaign that shatters stereotypes one bite-sized graphic at a time. We also track social media to find out what type of information, news, entertainment and other content is shared about Africa.

Ethical Storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful way for donor and non-governmental organisations to convey their work because stories allow audiences to connect on both an intellectual and emotional level. However, much of the storytelling about development work in Africa perpetuates harmful and stereotypical narratives about the continent because of unethical practices. The Ethical Storytelling Handbook is a practical guide that addresses some of these issues by providing applicable guidelines for storytellers to share their work on the continent.

Solutions Communications

This is a theory of communications that can be applied by communicators, particularly those in the development sector, to change the way they present their work and storytelling in Africa. It requires practitioners to look first for where interventions are working and base the majority of their communications on the solution they bring to the issue. It requires evidence and data as proof of the solution’s success and introduces partner’s voices which bring increased representation to the communications output.