Our Grants

Africa No Filter is primarily a grantmaking organisation focused on supporting narrative change work across the continent. 

In line with our strategy, Africa No Filter will disburse grants directly and indirectly through intermediaries for fellowships, organisational support, capacity building, content generation and development and advocacy to both individuals and organisations.

Funds will go to:

Operational Support Grants are awarded to organisations within the arts, culture and media sectors who are supporting contemporary and empowering narratives of Africa through programme delivery, job creation, residences, networking opportunities and training and capacity building for creatives, artists, journalists on the continent. Operational support grants are for creative hubs, narrative change organisations, media houses, festivals, galleries, digital platforms etc. The grants are worth up to $25,000.

Project-Support Grants support the delivery of creative projects on the continent by storytellers who are using art, innovation, tech and creativity to challenge stereotypical narratives about Africa. Project support grants must be for a specific project with a clear start and end date and project milestones. Project support grants fund individual storytellers, as well as arts, culture and media organisations. Grants are worth up to $15,000 for individuals, and up to $25,000 for organisations,

The Kekere Storytellers Fund is our way of ensuring we are truly reaching and supporting narrative changemakers on the ground and not just well-established storytellers. The fund is for exceptional emerging artists on the continent who are doing ground-breaking work and creatively challenging harmful narratives within their local and digital communities. Kekere grants are worth up to $2000.

Media Grants: Our media grants support news organisations, platforms, and individuals that are disrupting stereotypical narratives. They are for individual storytellers including journalists, bloggers, vloggers, authors and writers focused on news, features and analysis on the continent. Organisations like creative hubs, news and media organisations, charities, institutions, festivals, creative collectives, NGOs, and for-profit organisations in Africa. Grants are worth up to $15,000 for individuals, and up to $25,000 for organisations.

Please note that all grant applications are closed. New callouts will go in the next quarter. They'll be announced through our community newsletter.