Complete this survey and shape ANF masterclasses for artists and storytellers

News Opportunities Education Fellowship 8 March 2021,  Africa No Filter

You’ve written books, produced plays and films, curated festivals and consider yourself an artist or storyteller by profession. 

We have a quick question for you — do you know how to monetise your art?

How fluent are you in pitching your work to clients and funders? With social media and digital platforms revolutionising networking and audience engagement, do you know your SEO from your AdWords and UX? 

Maybe you’re even wondering why you should even care. After all, your role is to create, and you do this brilliantly.

Africa No Filter takes the business of arts, culture and storytelling seriously - and we’re not just talking about our grants, research and fellows programmes.

We want to empower Africa’s storytellers and creative community with tools for success in the creative industry through Masterclasses that turn talent into turnover.

We’re talking about pitching, grant writing, intellectual property, branding, financial management, business development and other critical skills to help you connect, influence and thrive. 

And as it goes with all our work, ANF Masterclasses will be data-driven.

We want to know how best we can tailor these to your needs. Tell us in this survey. Insights will be used to design workshops informed by your lived experiences, and in so doing, offer tailor-made solutions.

Don’t forget to add your email and contact details at the end of the survey so we can share the results with you.

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