ANF Academy Presents: Grant Writing for Creatives

Grant-making organisations like Africa No Filter are not the only funding sources. There are also government funds, international donor agencies, and corporates that fund arts, culture and creativity.

And while they typically work through grant call outs, you can also approach them for funding as long as you know the dos and don’ts of looking for financing, like building and managing relationships with potential donors.

These are just some of the insights shared by grantmakers in the Africa No Filter Masterclass: Grant Writing for Creatives. It was facilitated by:

  1. Paul Nwulu: a strategic communication consultant and content creator who worked with the Ford Foundation for eight years as a grantmaker.
  2. Award-winning playwright Jessica Hagan, programme officer at Africa No Filter leading on arts and culture grants
  3. Anthony Wafula, programme development manager for Hivos, an international development organisation that supports changemakers in more than 40 countries worldwide.