Bird Stories

4 May 2023

This 20-Year-Old Cameroonian Developed an AI Assistant to Help Students Affected by War & School Closures

Mbah Javis was in his final year of high school in Batibo in Momo Division in the Northwest Region in 2016 when war broke out in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, the Northwest and Southwest.

3 May 2023

The women shattering Africa’s business glass ceiling

Women business leaders and private sector managers continue to shatter glass ceilings and drive significant market success across Africa, according to the latest data-driven research released by

2 May 2023

Bridging the Vaccine Gap in Nigeria With AI

SPECIAL FEATURE | BIRD AGENCY | Mariam Haruna has been struggling to keep up with her six-month-old baby’s vaccination appointments at the Family Support Clinic in Odaki, Kogi State, Nigeria.

30 March 2023

Ivory Coast Eyes Startups Growth With New Legislation To Support The Sector

Joining a growing number of African nations, Ivory Coast is boosting its startup ecosystem. With the introduction of the Startup Act, the country’s entrepreneurs will receive financing, training and increased market access.

29 March 2023

Positive Notes

With record revenue growth of over 34%, Africa was the fastest-growing market for the global music industry in 2022. The viral nature of African tunes is not only creating a broader audience for African artists but also unleashing an unprecedented revenue boom.

28 March 2023

Togo's New Container Terminal Biggest In West Africa, Signals Country's Larger Logistics Ambitions

The new Lome Container Terminal allows the port to clear at least 2.2 million containers annually, up from 1.6 million, boosting Togo's economy and unlocking regional economic growth.

24 March 2023

Commercial and industrial segments boost African solar energy

A new report shows industrial solar power installations in Africa grew by over 60% in 2022, taking cumulative solar capacity past the 10 GW mark. More African countries are adopting solar energy, primarily in the commercial and industrial segments.

23 March 2023

Made from worms, this porridge could beat down malnutrition in Zimbabwe

As the wind blows through the Mopane woodlands of Gwanda, a rural district in Zimbabwe, Silibaziso Dube adjusts her waist wrapper and squats beside the fireplace to blow life to the dying flames where a large pot of water sits precariously on two rocks.

17 March 2023

The Nigerian sculptor creating dark-skin prosthetics for Black amputees

John Amanam hadn't planned on becoming a prosthetist. With a Fine and Industrial Arts degree, he dreamed of becoming a world-renowned sculptor. However, an accident in the family changed that trajectory - and launched a career.

14 March 2023

Europe eyes Africa as ‘future source of cheap green hydrogen’

Cairo, Egypt | BIRD AGENCY | After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in March 2022 set off a rush for gas resources worldwide, Europe picked Africa as an alternative supply market for natural gas, European energy ministers and other political leaders toured North African countries and gas initiatives in both East and West Africa received renewed support.

12 March 2023

Time is Money: Africa’s luxury watch market ticks all the boxes for growth

FROM “no rush” to “time is precious”, a new crop of African middle-class buyers is splurging on luxury timepieces due to the growing global profile of high-end watches, both as a status symbol and a profitable investment.

7 March 2023

Walid Kilonzi is telling the african story with virtual reality

You find yourself on the second highest peak in eastern Kenya, in the thick of the Iveti forest, with its famed cedar and pine trees. Near the top of a rise, you come upon the famous ‘miti muonza’, the seven trees that have stood there for over eight decades. With a move of your head, you leave the forest and are transported to the inside of a workshop, where woodcarvers are busy at work.

6 March 2023

In conversation with National Geographic's Vice President, Storytelling: On Africans telling African conservation stories

In 2017, two South African National Geographic Explorers and filmmakers, Noel Kok and Pragna Parsotam-Kok created the Nature, Environment and Wildlife Filmmakers (NEWF), which empowers Africa’s next generation of storytellers to promote conservation through film.

2 March 2023

Tony Elumelu Foundation transforming African entrepreneurship

The Tony Elumelu Foundation, founded in 2010, is an African-funded philanthropic organization dedicated to fostering African entrepreneurship by increasing the competitiveness of the private sector. The foundation makes an impact through business leadership and entrepreneurship development programs, impact investments, research, and policy advocacy.

2 March 2023

A Queen with a plan: She is bringing girls back to class

WHEN 16-year-old Nomalungelo* (not her real name) lost her only surviving parent to COVID-19, she dropped out of school to fend for her younger siblings.

2 March 2023

This Kenyan cowhorn luxury jewellery brand with a Luganda name is going global

Nairobi, Kenya | BIRD AGENCY | What would a vice president at SC Johnson Business School at Cornell University in the United States, an interior design ambassador in New York, and an associate professor at America’s first research university, have in common?

24 February 2023

Kenyan ‘end-of-life’ services tech startup is digitising mourning

Startup Safiri Salama has ushered in an entirely new technology sector for Africa with an end-of-life, e-services platform that offers digital death notices, memorials and a directory of funeral service providers.

23 February 2023

Africa’s Tripartite Free Trade Area gains ground with six more countries poised to ratify the agreement

SIX more countries have shown interest in ratifying the Tripartite free trade area agreement, or TFTA – a COMESA-EAC-SADC initiative that seeks to foster free trade among countries in the three economic blocs.

22 February 2023

From Egypt to Kenya, African Countries Are Building Their Own Vaccine Factories

A bid for self-sufficiency in the health sector is largely seen targeting vaccine imports, elevating Africa's bio-manufacturing industry, according to numerous recent reports which also point to improved healthcare capabilities.

21 February 2023

This locally developed phone ‘speaks’ 50 African languages

When David Kouamé decided to improve his literacy in his mother tongue, he went to the city centre in Abidjan not to register for tutoring services, but to buy a mobile phone. Kouamé had heard about a new smartphone that was made and designed in his country. It could be controlled by voice and could understand 50 African languages.

20 February 2023

International air travel to Africa is rebounding

The return of Chinese tourists to Africa and a full resumption of operations on international routes by African airlines are the latest indicators of a rebounding tourism industry, badly hit by the covid-19 pandemic two years ago.

18 February 2023

Africa's flying pharmacies: The continent is increasingly using medical drones to deliver life-saving drugs

In Monkra, Krachi West District, Ghana, there is an abundance of roots and tubers. The District is famous for its yams, cassava, cereals, and legumes and is one of the major agricultural centres in the Oti Region.

16 February 2023

Egypt's MNT-Halan is Africa's newest unicorn

Egyptian payments solutions firm, MNT-Halan has breached the billion-dollar valuation mark, becoming Africa’s first unicorn in almost two years

15 February 2023

Overcoming tech integration barriers in rural classrooms: New Kenya tool leads way

At a chief's camp in Lokichogio, North West Kenya, various school children have gathered to observe microorganisms with pocket-size foldable microscopes.

14 February 2023

Tanzania floats East Africa’s largest freshwater vessel

Tanzania has floated East Africa's largest-ever domestically manufactured fresh water passenger and cargo ship, the MV Mwanza Hapa Kazi Tu, on Lake Victoria.

13 February 2023

Curious to cut her fat intake, she founded Africa's finest coffee

When Smamile Ngubeni decided to take charge of her health and incorporate a low-carb, high-fat diet in 2020, she never imagined it would lead her to start a coffee business.

9 February 2023

Africa leads the world in contraceptive use

The use of modern contraception is soaring worldwide, with one in three women of reproductive age in low- and lower-middle-income countries now using a modern method of family planning.