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10 August 2022

The spoilt milk product turning off mosquitos and soothing skin

A student at Uganda's Makerere University joins the fight against malaria, making mosquito repellant from spoilt milk. Not only putting a smile on farmer's faces, she's carving a lane in the skin and beauty market.

25 August 2022

A new crop of Kenyan farmers are leveraging social media to scale

Digital-savvy farmers in Africa are tapping social media platforms to network, learn and find new buyers for their products, outside traditional markets, according to a report.

11 August 2022

Africa’s Space Economy Grows, Value Hits US$19bn

Africa's space economy is set for continued growth, driven by broadband demand, NewSpace companies and domestic satellite programmes.

31 August 2022

AfDB, IFC Ratchet Up Africa’s Green Energy Urgency

An aggressive new push by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is tipped to help unlock critical financing to supercharge Africa's ambitious pivot from hydrocarbons to a clean energy future, as globally, extreme weather due to climate change bites.

22 August 2022

Winter is coming: Europe scrambling for Africa’s natural gas

Europe’s rush to replenish its gas stocks has unlocked a massive new market for Africa’s natural gas, with forecasts now showing the continent is on course to export 50% of its total gas output to Europe and Asia between now and 2025.

24 August 2022

Inside Africa’s COP27 pitch

“ACT now” will be Africa’s clarion call at the COP27 as the continent intensifies calls for a just energy transition amid a worsening climate crisis. The “action” is likely to be seen more in the halls and offices of the world’s financing institutions than on the ground, however, as Africa battles with how to finance its energy requirements.

23 August 2022

Trace TV Co-founder Is a Man With a Midas Touch for Telling African Stories

From starting Trace magazine in his bedroom to launching a variety of products under his media company True Africa, Claude Grunitzky has always been a media trailblazer. He also has a way with words.

21 July 2022

More electric-powered buses to make their way onto African roads

Hundreds of electric buses will hit African roads by the end of the year as several countries start to replace internal combustion engine public transport vehicles.

5 August 2022

New push to bolster Africa's science economy

A new fund is stirring up Africa's science scene as the continent races to reverse the tide of brain drain that has seen it lose some of its top talents to rich economies.

11 August 2022

The story of how a Zimbabwean woman treated obstetric fistula despite criticism from her church & community

At 15, after a complicated delivery, Theresa Kadzura suffered an obstetric fistula, which hindered her from living a full life. This is a story of how a woman in Zimbabwe was able to beat negative attitudes towards formal healthcare in her church and community to face obstetric fistula.

4 August 2022

Why Africa’s crypto wave attracts funding

The fundraising boom in Africa’s crypto space shows no sign of abating. Venture Capital flows into crypto ventures in the first half of this year surpassed the total for all of last year – $127-million – reports show.

25 July 2022

A Journalist, Fatma Mohammed, Breaks the Silence on Fibroids

Fatma Mohammed, who for years battled the little-discussed condition that in some areas affects up to 80 per cent of women of reproductive age, on her own, now leads the fight to educate women and overcome the trauma and other effects of uterine fibroids.

15 July 2022

This Young African Gaming Star Now Has An International Platform From Which She Addresses Sexism & Racism In E-Sports

Sylvia Gathoni‘s passion has turned into a career, allowing her to travel the world. It’s also given her a platform – one she’s using to highlight issues of sexism and racism in e-sports.

25 July 2022

Africa’s basketball talent is being snapped up, causing concern

THERE are currently 13 African players in the NBA and 40 with one African-born parent. That’s a major advance from the days of the first African NBA stars, including legendary players like Manute Bol and Hakeem Olajuwon and in recent years, Africa has become a major hunting ground for top talent.

15 July 2022

This Cameroonian teenager & her schoolmates are breaking down stereotypes and raising awareness about women’s health

15-year-old Cameroonian Wendy Musi and her schoolmates are pushing past taboos and becoming champions of awareness and information around menstruation and female health.

15 July 2022

Nigerian Architect Behind African Art’s New Home

African art, all too often a sidebar at many major international exhibitions, is to get a new home when an iconic new centre launches in Senegal in 2025. The Bët-bi museum will house some of Africa’s most important contemporary and historic art and cultural relics.

15 July 2022

Nearly 800 Years Later, the Fires of the Benin Bronze Casters Still Blaze

For bronze caster, Alex Agbonmwenre, the return of the Benin Bronzes is about far more than the return of looted artefacts. It is also a reminder that the craft, which found a patron in Benin 800 years ago, has continued through an unbroken lineage of master craftsmen, ever since. And those master craftsmen can be found today, in Igun Street, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

11 July 2022

Why this African basketball league is “bigger than basketball”

The conclusion of the second season of Africa’s newest league, the FIBA and NBA-backed Basketball Africa League has shown that support for the game is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s good news for Africa’s urban youth, for youth culture and continental collaboration. It’s also helping the NBA grow the sport’s impact well beyond the court – a key aim of the league, says BAL President, Amadou Gallo Fall, for whom the BAL is “bigger than basketball”.

11 July 2022

Woman pilot considers career switch after Covid-19 havoc

In April 2020, Hlanze decided she had had enough due to Covid-19 lockdowns. She ventured into entrepreneurship. She sold vegetables and prepared convenient meal solutions, especially for working women. Hlanze’s advice to those that lost jobs during the peak of the pandemic is not to wait for a big break to come their way but rather, as she put it, “be that big break.”

9 July 2022

Africa’s citrus industry buoyant despite global shocks

South Africa is set for record citrus exports of 2.7 million tonnes in the marketing year 2021/22 despite pressing geopolitical challenges that threatened to leave a sour taste for farmers in the world's second biggest exporting market.