Hot Opportunity: Africa's first and only story agency for stories of arts, culture, tourism and innovation is looking for content creators

News 2 June 2021

bird is looking for African content creators and digital storytellers passionate about telling alternative and compelling human interest and feature stories about their communities and countries. And who better to tell these stories than a generation that has already taken back the pen through social media, blogs, vlogs and other digital storytelling platforms?

If that’s you, join us.

At Africa No Filter, we believe it’s time to disrupt, #takebackthepen and write the stories we want to see about the continent. That’s why we created bird – Africa's first and only story agency for arts, culture, creativity, tech, innovation and human-interest content.

We started the agency because hard news in the shape of stories about elections, political violence, civil unrest, and armed conflict, humanitarian issues make up the bulk of the stories Africans read about each other. Through our research into How African Media Covers Africa, which analysed the media in 15 African countries, surveyed 60 editors and held focus groups with 25 international correspondents and editors, we found that one-third of all the news stories used by the media in Africa comes from foreign sources. 

We also found that 63% of African media outlets don’t have correspondents in other countries in Africa. In other words, there is a lack of access to good stories emanating from African countries that can be shared continent-wide.

This is the gap that bird is aiming to fill; to create compelling multimedia content that connects the continent and share it – for free – to online publishers in Africa. So, if you are passionate about finding and sharing stories that present a different perspective of your country and community, join our contributor network of creators from around Africa. You’ll use mobile storytelling to profile ordinary people, places and things that shift the prevailing stereotypical narrative about Africa.

Here’s how it works: We pay $200 per multimedia story. By joining bird, you agree to the terms and conditions for being a bird contributor, including abiding by a code of ethics that you will sign.

Please email with your resume and portfolio with your work to become a contributor.