8 March 2021,  Africa No Filter

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25 September 2020,  Moky Makura

Literature Review on African Youth And The Impact Of Narrative.

The world has been observing, prodding and analysing a new species called ‘the youth in Africa’. We know where to find them, how long they have been around and that there are far too many of them, but you probably don’t know much more for sure. The world needs a plan to manage the youth in Africa – or distract them because unlike viral trends we think we know why they’re trending.

4 August 2020,  Moky Makura

Literature Review of Academic writing on African Narratives

In 2018 the fictional country Wakanda from the film Black Panther was the fourth most mentioned African country on Twitter, after Egypt, South Africa and Kenya. The fact that Africa’s 4th most talked about country doesn’t exist tells us two things: pop culture is a powerful tool for narrative work and we need to do more to make Africa’s 51 remaining real countries more compelling.