Climate change stories

7 December 2022

Can South Africa provide a template for a just energy transition in Africa?

South Africa's huge energy requirements and ageing generating coal fleet offer a great opportunity to showcase how this can be done, according many players, like Mojabeng Manthata, Acting Head, Energy, Environment and ICT, at the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA). The country's coal fired power stations are on average over 50 years old.

Healing the waters: Fisher community takes the plunge

According to experts, an equivalent of two football pitches of seagrass - a critical bulwark against sea warming and a generator of oxygen, - disappears globally every 60 minutes. In Mauritius, a conservation organisation and local fisher community have rolled out a five-year project to fight back - by replanting seagrass.

7 December 2022

With traditions that have endured for centuries, the Maasai have always been, amongst other things, environmentally low-impact. As traditions evolve, a Maasai woman is ensuring that climate-friendly practices, new and old, are retained.

7 December 2022

Charles Onyango-Obbo: How to talk about Tororo trees

The railway line used to cut through a forest. We have vivid memories of the forest. When we were kids and visited with the grandparents during the school holiday, the highlight would be going out to the woods to follow one of our uncles. He had a hunting gun licence. He would bring his gun with him for the holidays and hunt for guinea fowl.

7 December 2022

Kanga Potash project in Congo will soon be a world leader in fertiliser production

Located in Kouilou Province, 32km north of the central economic hub of Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo, the Kanga Potash project seeks to manufacture 2.4 million tonnes of Muriate of Potash (MOP) per annum with an estimated mine life of 30 years.

7 December 2022

Africa's landmark climate damage compensation deal

Five Global funders have renewed their commitment to support the narrative change organization Africa No Filter for another two years. The donor collaborative, which was started in 2020, has been advocating for better representation of Africa in the media and arts and culture space since its inception.

28 September 2022

Tanzania's green startups tap blue economy investors

Startups in Tanzania are busy attracting investment for operations along a 1,424 km coastline as they look to build on opportunities in the blue economy, support biodiversity and build resilience to climate change.

27 September 2022

Two-wheeled mobility blazes a path for Africa's green transit future

Electric motorcycles, bicycles and quadricycles are driving the future of sustainable mobility in Africa as an affordable and practical electric vehicle option.

25 September 2022

Law student with a “snack” for ridding the ocean of plastics

A Kenyan environmental law student is seeking a patent for her healthy, edible cups and plates, designed to wage battle against the mountain of plastics that threatens marine life. She already has an airline customer lined up.

22 September 2022

A voice for youths and children at "Africa's COP"

Kelo Uchendu, 26, is the policy lead of YOUNGO, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) children and youth constituency. He shared some of his experiences promoting the voices of young people, at home in Nigeria.

21 September 2022

Who takes the best carbon action report card to Cop-27? Africa does

The bird story agency's Seth Onyango takes a look at Africa's increasingly clean energy record.

20 September 2022

Kigali goes cleaner, greener

Rwanda’s capital walks the path of car-free zones and eco-parks designed to encourage outdoor sports and urban tourism as it chases “green city” status.

19 September 2022

World going nuts for Eswatini farm's macadamias

A regenerative farming community working under the aegis of The Tree of Life Project - a smart agriculture initiative -is working to combat climate change and boost macadamia exports at the same time.

18 August 2022

Inside Africa’s big climate financing deals

The climate finance needs are significant if Africa is to take its place amongst regions creating solutions to the climate emergency, but African leaders are determined to unlock funds. We break down the details of multi-billion pitches likely to be tabled at Cop 27

9 August 2022

Kenya’s rise as a regional geothermal power

As African countries warm to geothermal energy, the continent’s largest producer is positioning itself as a key role player in the industry, using its knowledge and experience to bag drilling contracts in Djibouti, Ethiopia, while also eyeing Sudan, Rwanda and DR Congo.