Climate change stories

13 October 2022

Uncle Bravo, environmental magician

Kurai Felix Mukaro, popularly known as 'Uncle Bravo' is making waves in his community thanks to his organic herbal and vegetable gardens, and he is taking the younger generation along for the ride.

13 October 2022

How we cook can help save the planet – clean cooking solutions coming to a kitchen near you

By moving away from wood and coal cooking fires, Africa will contribute substantially to a cooler world. Recent reports indicate this is already happening.

12 October 2022

More women leaders needed in energy firms to accelerate Africa’s green transition

Despite their vulnerability to climate impacts, women are more likely than men to adopt new ideas and unlock innovative climate solutions, according to a new report. However, women are missing from key decision-making roles at most renewable energy firms in Africa, the report says.

12 October 2022

Rise of climate finance in Africa

Green Finance facilities are beginning to emerge on the continent as private equity firms and banks lead local efforts to narrow the climate funding gap and accelerate a transition to clean energy in the fight against climate change.

12 October 2022

Inside Africa's COP27 pitch

Green financing, tech transfer and climate adaptation top the list as African states work to present a unified front at the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP27) in Egypt.

12 October 2022

AfDB, IFC ratchet up Africa's green energy urgency

An aggressive new push by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is tipped to help unlock critical financing to supercharge Africa's ambitious pivot from hydrocarbons to a clean energy future, as globally, extreme weather due to climate change bites.

27 September 2022

Two-wheeled mobility blazes a path for Africa's green transit future

Electric motorcycles, bicycles and quadricycles are driving the future of sustainable mobility in Africa as an affordable and practical electric vehicle option.

12 October 2022

Blockchain offers to boost Africa’s carbon market

New carbon credit trade initiatives, including the use of blockchain technology, are offering African nations a new opportunity for climate action.

12 October 2022

The women of Wasini coax life back into the mangrove forests

A women-led initiative to reclaim their heritage and protect their island from mangrove logging is having an outsized impact.