Climate change stories

The young Moroccan driving climate action

20-year-old Fatna Ikrame El Fanne is ensuring that young Moroccans are fully aware of the dangers of climate change - and the opportunities for climate action.

VIDEO STORY: Smart farmers look to beat climate change

In the Kenyan region of Laikipia, a group of small-scale African farmers is leveraging smart farming technologies to beat changing weather patterns.

Eco Mama's: Uganda's eco-village shaping the future of sustainable agriculture

As the world reels from global food supply chain disruptions and extreme weather, this eco-village in Uganda is helping inculcate the importance of sustainable agriculture to local communities, teaching farmers how to grow for a healthier planet.

Ethiopia’s big bet on renewables a bright spot for Africa

Ethiopia’s massive investment in clean energy has already begun to reap dividends for the country, with the planned export of 200 MW of hydropower to Kenya set for November, signalling an even bigger role for its renewables in Africa’s energy transition.

What do you do with gadgets when they die? Recycle them, of course

In Nigeria's Rivers State, engineering company Egoras is successfully refurbishing e-waste into affordable appliances, creating a new market for recycled and upcycled products.

Egypt, Algeria and Libya set to lead world's ‘green steel’ revolution

Three African countries are poised to lead the world in the switch to carbon-free steel production.

13 October 2022

Is this the next Wangari Maathai?

Climate activist Mary Wangare is determined to show that grassroots efforts can influence policy through behaviour. In her efforts to mobilise communities across Kenya to plant trees to help sequester carbon, she is drawing comparisons to her Nobel prize-winning mentor

13 October 2022

How Green is My President? William Ruto: a president who would turn Kenya "green"

At November's COP27 conference in Cairo, the first to be held in Africa, the spotlight will be on the continent’s political leadership, which has to provide the political will to catalyse investment and adopt climate-friendly strategies and projects. Kenya’s new president says Africa must take charge of its destiny to deliver a green future.