Emerging Artists Fellows 2021/2022

The program is part of Africa No Filter’s mission of supporting storytellers in Africa and the Diaspora whose work shifts stereotypical narratives of the continent. The artists will get funding and mentorship to help develop and produce career-defining projects. Meet the Emerging Artists Fellows for 2021/2022.

Mahoutondji Kinmagbo

Mahoutondji Kinmagbo is a self-taught visual artist. He’s working on an animated short film about a teenage girl passionate about living in a world where creativity is a way of life. The film will be made using 3D design software.

Yuran Henrique

Yuran Henrique is a Cape Verdean artist who uses expressionism to explore contemporary identities. He also works as a cartoonist in the newspaper Expresso das Ilhas newspaper. He’ll produce a multimedia series called ‘Small Island Landscape’.

Katanu Sanna

Kenyan visual artist Katanu Sanna works with kitenge fabrics, oil paintings, acrylic paintings and 3D art. She is producing images set in Mariakani, Kenya.

Progress Nyandoro

Zimbabwean mixed-media artist Progress Nyandoro specialises in multimedia art that uses paints and textures to explore society and social life in Zimbabwe. She is producing paintings for a series called ‘Rich, I am’. It will have a digital and physical exhibition.

Prince Ardayfio

Ghanaian filmmaker Prince Ardayfio works with traditional film and Virtual Reality. His documentary will challenge the stereotype that black people can’t swim by highlighting African people’s cultural and historical relationship with water and water bodies.

Stella Tchuisse

Cameroonian filmmaker and actress Stella Tchuisse uses cinema to tell impactful African stories for Africa and the world. Her photo series, called ‘Elle Aussi, She Too’, will feature prominent female politicians as part of her mission of using the arts to inspire girls.

Baingor Joiner

A Tribute to Baingor Joiner

Mpho Ts’uene

Mpho Ts’uene, a visual artist from Lesotho, uses art as activism against gender inequality and stereotypical narratives about Africa. She’s working on a cookbook that uses Basotho’s cuisine and food culture to contribute to the growing body of work that engages with food in Africa beyond poverty.

Haneefah Adam

Nigerian Photographer and Painter Haneefah Adam works with experimental food and digital art. She is producing a documentary that will be part of a multidisciplinary exhibition featuring the photography of the women of Dada pottery, installation and visual art paintings.

O'Plérou Grebet

Graphic O'Plérou Grebet is best known for designing more than 300 free emojis that portray African cultures. His multiplatform project, Zouzoukwa, will create content around African emojis and curate a database of free cultural information.