Emerging Artists Fellows 2021/22

We partnered with arts, culture and media organisations, as well as individual artists, creatives, journalists and content creators who share our vision of a world where the existing narrative about Africa reflects a more contemporary, dynamic and progressive continent

Haneefah Adam - Breaking the Mold

By capturing the moments in the life of Lateefah, the documentary’s protagonist, Adam captures moments of human interaction, culture and traditions to represent African women as a people with agency.

Mahoutondji Kinmagbo - AFI

The animated short-film shares another image of what Afrofuturism is...

Mpho Tsuene - Mamak’hanakisi

Mamak’hanakisi is the first traditional cookbook in Lesotho. It blends digital art, photography and untold food experiences behind recipes of Basotho. 

Katanu Kay Sanna - Abundance in Mariakani

Abundance in Mariakani challenges the belief that Africa is poverty-stricken by telling the story of the Kenyan coastal town.

O’Plérou Grebet - Zouzoukwa

Zouzoukwa takes digital representation to the fingertips of smartphone users through emojis that promote African cultures.

Stella Tchuisse- I want to be like her

The piece is a reproduction of pictures of 10 African and Cameroonian women of great and important achievements.

Progress Nyandoro - Pfumi Ndini/Rich I am

Pfumi Ndini/Rich I am is an exhibition of mixed media paintings reflecting on the tradition and customs of maShona people of Zimbabwe.

Prince Ardayfio - WATER TALES; Black Men Can't Swim

The film offers a deep dove into African people’s cultural and historical relationship with water as a way to address one of the most enduring stereotypes about blackness; that Black people can’t swim.

Yuran Henrique - Small Island Landscapes

What does popular iconography have to do with stereotypes and consequently, better representation?

Dylan Habil - Mizizi

African folk tales and legend stories take centre stage in Mizizi, an animated anthology series spanning through several time periods.

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