Arts and Culture 8 July 2022

artHARARE is an artist-run project dedicated to promoting and supporting the development of the contemporary art scene in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean Diaspora. The project takes advantage of the adaptation of the art world to the digital space and the rising interest in contemporary African art. Their objectives are to create a dynamic platform, promote visual art and artistic practice in Zimbabwe, create new audiences for Zimbabwean artists, continue international cultural engagement, introduce audiences to emerging art, and empower local artists by creating new markets for their work. Their flagship event is the artHARARE contemporary art fair. Their project-support grant will support the creation of a contemporary art studio.

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The 2021 edition of artHARARE brought together artists, gallerists, collectors and industry experts in an event that showcased Harare as a meeting place for visual arts and cultural producers from the country and its diaspora. In addition to exhibitions by leading and emerging artists, the edition also marked the launch of the artHARARE Africa First Art Prize; won by two visual artists. Physical events were attended by 306 people. It reached an online audience of 1973 in Zimbabwe, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Chile, France, Rwanda, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Romania.