Children’s Radio Foundation

Media 2 August 2022

The African Podcast Workshop trains and mentors African storytellers, journalists, and creatives to develop a wide range of podcasting production and business skills. It’s a project of theRadio Workshop and theChildren’s Radio Foundation. The African Podcast Workshop will empower 30 fellows from ten African countries with foundational podcasting skills, including pitching stories, reporting, interviewing, selecting tape, writing for the ear, and conversational tracking.

Through mentorship from experienced editors and producers, participants will learn how to tell well-crafted, nuanced audio stories. As a final result, they will have produced at least one story to add to their portfolios.

“As the number of talented audio storytellers on the continent increases, so will the quality, creativity, and popularity of available podcast content that makes young Africans feel seen and heard, inspired and activated. In the long run, these individuals will become podcast activators – boosting the wealth of African audio content resonating from their communities and on a global scale,” said Lesedi Mogoatlhe of the Children’s Radio Foundation.

Mogoatlhe added: “The African Podcast Workshop will create the opportunity for stories from places that are often overlooked to rise to the surface – showcasing at a local and global level the depth and diversity of what it means to be African, as told by Africans. Support from Africa No Filter will jumpstart the first year of the workshop and allow fellows to produce audio stories and podcasts that represent and engage their local communities while also having the power to resonate worldwide.”

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The Children’s Radio Foundation gathered seven African storytellers, journalists, and creatives for the year-long African Podcast Workshop. The program trained and mentored African storytellers, journalists, and creatives to develop a wide range of podcasting and business skills, from ideation, production, and engaging storytelling to monetisation. Seven fellows went on to launch their podcasts, and 14 published one or more audio stories. The project reached audiences in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Ethiopia.