Media 15 June 2022

TRUE Africa is a media-tech platform launched by Claude Grunitzkyin 2015. The platform champions young African voices globally and works with over 200 journalists to report on issues that affect young Africans, from sport, culture and music to politics, activism, social issues and health. TRUE Africa's funding will be used to develop an editorial 25-part multimedia series called Limitless, on gender equality and the power of young women across the continent, starting with Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. The content will be produced by young, female journalists from the three countries.

"This grant is an opportunity to tell new stories on unsung heroes and heroines all over the African continent and African diaspora. For the past few years, the TRUE Africa team has been helping to train the next generation of African journalists through workshops, editorial guidance, and access to new media technologies. Our objective now is to equip young writers, bloggers, photographers and filmmakers with skills in modern digital media. This grant will help us to achieve that. We are laser-focused on telling a new kind of story about Africa and Africans. The Limitless series is a new way for TRUE Africa to highlight the new heights being attained by certain exceptional African women," said Grunitzky.

He added: "The impact of the grant will be felt, read and seen in the work of TRUE Africa’s new journalists, whether they are writers, photographers or videographers because TRUE Africa has made a point of training dozens of young African journalists. We believe several new journalistic careers will be launched as a direct result of the editorial series.

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TRUE Africa’s series celebrating 21 women trailblazers is helping to change the narrative on women in the workplace.

The profiles were initially launched in the magazine in 2021. So far, they have reached an audience of more than 300,000 across Africa and the diaspora. It has also helped to bring more recognition to the women featured. In 2022, with our support, TRUE Africa compiled the series into an e-book you can download here. 

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