Manyano Media

28 November 2022

Manyano Media is a multidisciplinary creative company established to create employment and development opportunities and platforms for South African independent black queer women storytellers. It was founded in 2019 by theatre practitioner and poet Koleka Putuma and co-led with business partner Robyn-Lee Pretorius. In 2020, Manyano Media created a relief fund to assist black, queer women storytellers with subsistence grants during the early stages of COVID-19. The relief fund has now been further developed into the Black Girl Live Fellowship. In addition to the Fellowship, Manyano Media produces literary works for syndication in publishing, film, advertising, television and theatre. The grant cover operating expenses including a first hire, establishing an online presence for the business and contribute to some of their projects.

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Manyano Media is reimagining new African narratives through literary and audiovisual works for syndication in publishing, film, advertising, television, and theatre. 

We partnered with them to develop a website showcasing their projects and to launch the Black Girl Live Fellowship - an accelerator program supporting black queer women storytellers in South Africa with mentorship, resources and training, equipping them to become sustainable creative entrepreneurs. Manyano Media’s projects have benefitted 86 creators across South Africa.