Progress Nyandoro - Pfumi Ndini/Rich I am

16 January 2023

Zimbabwean mixed-media artist Progress Nyandoro specialises in multimedia art that uses paints and textures to explore society and social life in Zimbabwe. She is producing paintings for a series called ‘Rich, I am’. It will have a digital and physical exhibition.


Pfumi Ndini/Rich I am  is an exhibition of mixed media paintings reflecting on the tradition and customs of maShona people of Zimbabwe. 

The series portrays the richness of African culture and its influence on positive social behaviour. It shows how culture influences people to live in fair, just, peaceful and happy relationships with each other and their environments.

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(150cm ×136cm) year 2022

Mermaid spirit of Manjuzu in the form of a lady wearing fancy dress at a waterfall with an umbrella.

Statement: Spirit Mediums

Manjuzu are some of the well-known God created spirit medium with

the latter said to extol riches and heal sickness to those who believe and follow them. Some people believe that people who are associated with these spirit may practice their rituals near rivers or ocean with one who lead them with wine glasses,wine bottles and other things like sweets and biscuits. This is done to inform the spirit that it is accepted.

(96cm×130cm) year 2022

Portrait of a woman(Zimbabwe) beautified with nature.

Statement: Nature ,Environment and Health

Zimbabwe is one of the countries which is blessed with rich of natural resources like herbs, minerals and with attractive environment to many throughout the world. And It is also have good climate with such beautiful places include Mtarazi Falls apart from the Mighty Victoria falls.

Apart from that Shona people uses these resources as traditional tools, gold and diamonds and wood are used to create jewelleries that has different resembles on individuals. And they used herbs as a form of medical treatment for all kinds of diseases , herbs such as Gavakava specially for wounds, Mumvee specifically for diarrhea and many more.

A Mbira and Ngoma player entertaining people at a thanksgiving ceremony

Statement: Music Music and dance form part of the lifestyles of the Shona people. Different kinds of music are played for different occasions, The mbira is one of the popular instruments played at traditional ceremonies. The African drum (ngoma) is also played at various gatherings.