The stories we are told

and those we tell each other about Africa have the power to shape what we think and influence how we act.

At Africa No Filter, we know that narrative matters.

And the prevailing one of Africa as a continent defined only through poverty, disease, conflict, poor leadership and corruption has resulted in a stereotypical narrative of Africa. 

We need more stories that inspire hope and pride, stories that show we are a creative and innovative people, and that we have agency because we are so much more than the stereotypes we have been sold.

Through robust research, building strong networks and supporting nuanced, complex storytelling, Africa No Filter is shifting perceptions about and within Africa away from simplified and harmful narratives.

It takes a village to build a continent. You can play a role in helping us shift narratives about Africa because until lions learn to write, hunters will tell their stories for them.

“ Narratives are a collection of related stories that are articulated and refined over time to represent a central idea or belief. ”


Pictures tell a powerful story. We have curated images of the Africa we know and want to see more of.