Is International Media Reporting Holding Back Africa?

Is International Media Reporting Holding Back Africa?

A new PenPlusBytes report looks at what is wrong with international reporting and how it can be fixed.

The appetite for reliable and independent news in Africa is growing fast, driven by better literacy rates and technological connectivity. Foreign interest rose sharply during the Africa Rising interregnum but continues in the current economic hangover period. International businesses want to know more about political and financial risk, diplomats and spies want to know more about geo-political rivalries and security threats, while western and Asian youth want to know more about African activism, culture and sport.

As the following chapters in this report show, there is a clear recognition of the shortcomings of journalism in and about Africa but also of the growing demand for accurate information and vivid portrayals of the continent. In turn, these analyses lay the ground-work for actions, policies and initiatives, in the public and the commercial sphere, that can work effectively with Africa’s journalists and their organizations.


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