Kekere Storytellers Fund Champions 2022/2023

How do you tell a story powerfully? Represent yourself. That’s the theme in the stories that will be produced by 11 emerging and mid-career artists selected to be in the second cohort of the Kekere Storytellers Fund.

 The latest projects powered by the Kekere Fund are about artists are mirrors of their communities; whether it is empowering communities through filmmaking, creating an Instagram platform that amplifies women in music, using 3D animation to inspire agency or giving voice to communities through theatre and feature stories.

 The stories will be created by artists who are based in Cameroon, Benin, Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa. They have been powered with microgrants worth between $500 and $2000 to work on projects that embody their experiences of Africa and being African, representing originality, freedom, creativity, and innovation.

Kasiva Mutua - Nairobi, Kenya

Kasiva, 34, is the founder of the first all-female percussion collective in Kenya, MOTRAMUSIC, and one of her country’s leading percussionists and drummers. She’s an international touring percussionist, integrating African traditional music with modern styles such as jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk and more. 

Salma Mahmoud - Khartoum, Sudan, 1989
Co-founder of Drum Circle Sudan

Salma, 33, is the co-founder of Drum Circle Sudan. The cultural organization facilitates communal drum circles and environmental awareness workshops. They also work on traditional instrument making. 

Cedric Bichano - Isingiro, Uganda

Cedric, 28, is a Congolese refugee living in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in southern Uganda and the CEO and founder of the World Refugee Film Academy. The organization empowers talented refugees to become filmmakers through training that provides practical skills in filmmaking, film acting and storytelling. 

Nadia Matovu - Kampala, Uganda

Nadia, 32, is the brains behind This is Uganda. The YouTube series gives a platform to creatives in Uganda and uses their stories to share underreported stories. Her grant will produce the second season of This Is Uganda, including traveling beyond Kampala to film creatives in rural areas.

Chisom Job - Cotonou, Benin

Chisom, 19, is a Nigerian editor and journalist covering policies, culture, and technology. He is also the editor-in-chief of Living Free UK, which caters to Black Queer people. His grant will fund new content for the platform. 

Erhuardt Muchemwa - Harare, Zimbabwe

Erhuardt, 35, has always been fascinated by the environment and the natural world, and how the weather transforms the landscape through the seasons - influences that shape his sculptures, drawings, and paintings. 

Youhana Nassif - Cairo, Egypt

Youhana, 30,is passionate about youth voices in art, culture, and travel narratives. He founded the Animated Animation Festival in Cairo in 2020 and directed the first two editions of the festival. He is currently working on developing multiple personal cultural projects such as a simplified natural encyclopaedia for Egypt, a map game, a short, animated movie, a story script for a 40-minute-long musical piece and a lending library. 

Cheraé Halley - Johannesburg, South Africa

Cheraé, 35, is an actress, theatre-maker, lecturer and applied theatre facilitator. She creates theatre with both Deaf and hearing people with a particular interest in human rights and uses drama as a process to educate and create dialogue. 

Eveline Mbisah - Doula, Cameroon

Eveline, 31, is a scriptwriter, film producer and the CEO of MBISAH STUDIOS. She has produced five feature films and 11 short comedies and acted in 16 movies. She’s producing a movie that will educate the community of Bamenda and other parts of Cameroon on the effects of global warming. 

Ambassadeur - Kigali, Rwanda

Sibomana is a computer animator and 3D artist whose experience spans film, gaming, travel & leisure, advertising, and print production industries. He has also worked as an animation and visual effects instructor at the Kigali Film and Television School, and as a children’s' book animator at Mudacumura Publishing House, where he turned children's books into 3D animated movies. 

Anda Mtshelma - Johannesburg, South Africa

Anda, 26, is the creator and author of the vegan food blog, 24Karrots. She started her journey of showing that Plant-Based eating is African, a culinary journey she started sharing on Instagram. “It’s important for more people to recognise that African people, traditions and cultures are not monolithic even though they might share some similarities.