Last Mile Film Fund Champions

The Last Mile Film Fund provide nine African filmmakers — from South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Rwanda and Nigeria — with grants to support post-production activities needed to take their stories to the public, including editing, visual effects, sound mixing, dubbing, marketing and distribution.

Enock Musoke - In Sync

In Sync is a short film about the practical use cases of Artificial Intelligence in communities in Eastern Uganda.

Liz Karungi - Super Detectives

In the short film Super Detectives, Ivan and his imaginary friend, Detective Zulu spend whatever free time they’ve got doing what they love most, playing detective games with Ivan’s father, Patrick.

Yuhi Amuli - Citizen Kwame

Citizen Kwame is a conceptual film about travel visas and the well-known struggles of travelling while Black or African. 

Neha Manoj Shah - Love Sweet Sound

Love Sweet Sound is a short film about a recently blind woman who learns to adjust with her handicap. 

Ifeanyi Emmanuel Ikubese - Mzigo

Mzigo is a pan African love story that seeks to raise awareness about sickle cell disease, a modern day family story that portrays the highs and lows of living with the disease, the effect it has on loved ones and the challenges they go through. 

Gregory Goitseone Molale - Language of My Soul

Upington, South Africa - 2013. Fire burns Katriena Esau’s N/uu school. She calls it the day fire burnt the language of her soul. But the burning of her school is not the first time her language was silenced. 

Isaya Evans - Grogan’s Lodge

Two Kenyan college students, Joy, and Susan, arrive at an upcountry lodge in response to an advert for job vacancies. 

Terry Jerry A’Wase - Mali’s Integrity

What is it like being a young person in Nigeria, where being put under the microscope of cyber-crime has become a defining narrative? 

Tara Erica Moore - The Native Question

The Native Question explores race, identity, and memory through the story of Tara’s upbringing as a mixed race South African Indian woman of Canadian and British descent. 

Katy Lena Ndiaye - Money, Freedom, A Story of CFA Franc

Money, Freedom, A Story of CFA Franc uses economics and money to explore France’s colonial legacy in Africa.

Amilcar Patel - 6Sense

6SENSE tells the story of Mxshi Mo, a young man from Kwa-Zulu Natal, who, whilst dealing with the gradual decline into blindness, finds his hidden talent in Gqom music production - shining a light on a potential path out of his own personal darkness.