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Write for us. We’re looking for thought-provoking commentary on popular culture and your responses, stereotypical stories or artistic depictions of Africa, and Africans.

We’re also looking for the boldest and most beautiful image you have of Africa. Whether it’s your favorite building, public art piece, or green space in your city. You can also share ordinary moments that show the uniqueness of where you live, your heritage, and cultural or religious celebrations.

You can also share traditional cuisine, street fashion, iconic locations, and lifestyle experiences. Remember to only send hi-resolution images that are taken with a smartphone or a digital camera. All photos will be credited and all rights remain with the photographer.

22 June 2021 Moky Makura

Jobs, jobs, jobs – that's what’s on Africa’s collective mind

If you want to know what people are really thinking about, look at their internet search history. So that’s what we do – every month. We analyse Google trends data about the continent to see how Africa is feeling.

4 June 2021

We're in the House! Narrative Matters Newsletter #1

What does an Ethiopian businesswoman who founded a software company have in common with a Nigerian singer/songwriter? The answer: gobal status.

2 June 2021

Hot Opportunity: Africa's first and only story agency for stories of arts, culture, tourism and innovation is looking for content creators

bird is looking for African content creators and digital storytellers passionate about telling alternative and compelling human-interest and feature stories about their communities and countries. And who better to tell these stories than a generation that has already taken back the pen through social media, blogs, vlogs and other digital storytelling platforms?

If that’s you, join us.

14 May 2021,  Africa No Filter

Ballet in Nairobi, jazz in Joburg, and an 11-year old tech protégé from Zambia - these are some of the storytelling projects funded by the Africa No Filter Kekere Storytellers Fund

The storytellers are from Morocco, Madagascar, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Guinea, Zambia, and Ghana. They’ll produce digital and in-person projects that range from short films, podcasts and articles to photographic series, spoken word and dance performances and even a colouring book for children - all as part of Africa No Filter’s work of shifting stereotypical narratives about Africa.

10 May 2021,  Africa No Filter

Africa No Filter Analysis: “Rapidly spreading variants compound Africa’s coronavirus woes.”

On 6th May South Africa’s News24 ran a story picked up from Bloomberg News with the headline: “Rapidly spreading variants compound Africa’s coronavirus woes”.The headline, the framing, the sources and the focus of the story got our attention for these reasons:

3 May 2021,  Africa No Filter

New Report on African media shows western sources dominate how the African story is told

The research surveyed 38 African editors, analyzed content from 60 African news outlets in 15 countries (Botswana, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC, Egypt, Tunisia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal) between September and October 2020.

30 April 2021

How well do you know the African music scene?

You know the difference between Zouglou and Makossa. You are as fluent in afrobeats as you are in afropop and soul, but how much do you know about icons who’ve turned Africa’s pop music into a global sensation?

22 April 2021

How well do you know African cities? Take this quiz to find out.

You know Nairobi, Joburg, Lagos, Dakar, Cairo and Dakar, but what about the rest of the continent? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

21 April 2021,  Africa No Filter

Ten tips to make your grant proposal shine

Funders share their tips and tools to help creatives look for funding, polish their grant proposals and give themselves a shot at being noticed by funders.

Send your images or writing to using ‘My African Lens’ or “Point of View” as the subject line. Don’t forget to tell us about the submission.