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28 November 2022

Global funders renew commitment to shift negative stereotypes about Africa

28 November, Johannesburg: Five Global funders have renewed their commitment to support the narrative change organization Africa No Filter for another two years. The donor collaborative, which was started in 2020, has been advocating for better representation of Africa in the media and arts and culture space since its inception.

28 March 2022

Experts say this is how Africa can take ownership of its business narratives

An award-winning entrepreneur, strategy and impact expert and a former trade and investment minister turned global economist got together to unpack The Business in Africa Narrative Report. They also discussed how Africa can rewrite its business story from one that perpetuates stereotypes like dependence on foreign powers.

15 March 2022

Africa No Filter and Meta announce the next generation of XR creators in Africa

Africa No Filter and Meta today announced the next generation of Extended Reality (XR) creators in Africa with six recipients selected from the Future Africa: Telling Stories, Building Worlds

1 March 2022

Un nouveau rapport met en lumière les discours persistants sur les affaires en Afrique, alors que le potentiel du continent continue d'être négligé

    • Une analyse de 750 millions de récits publiés entre 2017 et 2021 ;
    • 70 % des articles sur les affaires en Afrique font référence à des puissances étrangères, notamment la Chine, les États-Unis, la Russie, la France et le Royaume-Uni ;
    • La corruption est mentionnée dans près de 10 % des articles sur les affaires en Afrique ;
    • <1% des articles sur les affaires en Afrique font référence à la ZLECAF ;
    • Les femmes ne représentent que 29% des acteurs des reportages sur le sujet en question et 12% des experts ou des sources utilisées.
1 March 2022

New report on narratives on business in Africa shows another ‘scramble for Africa’ by foreign powers is underway in international media

    • Analysis of 750 million stories published between 2017 and 2021
    • 70% of coverage about business in Africa references foreign powers including China, the USA, Russia, France, and the UK
    • Corruption referenced in nearly 10% of stories on business in Africa
    • <1% of the coverage on business and Africa referenced the AfCFTA
25 February 2022,  Arekpitan I. Ikhenaode

7 steps to get your book published

How do you turn a manuscript into a book? The Africa No Filter Academy fireside chat with literary magazine founder and publishing expert Nancy Adimora was deep-dive into the business of books.

23 February 2022

Representation is top of mind for the latest artists funded by the Africa No Filter Kekere Storytellers Fund

How do you tell a story powerfully? Represent yourself. That’s the theme in the stories that will be produced by 11 emerging and mid-career artists selected to be in the second cohort of the Kekere Storytellers Fund.

28 January 2022

Storify Africa Fellowship - Be a Part of the First Cohort of Fellows

The Storify Africa Fellowship trains, supports and builds the capacity of young and emerging African storytellers to tell those stories. In doing so, Fellows help organisations shift entrenched stereotypes, and highlight their impact in a way that avoids reinforcing damaging narratives about Africa.

24 January 2022

African artists to produce career-defining projects as part of the Africa No Filter Emerging Artists Fellows program

These are some of the stories produced by 11 emerging artists taking part in the Africa No Filter Emerging Artists Fellows program, making it possible for upcoming and mid-career artists to work on career-defining projects.