We partnered with arts, culture and media organisations, as well as individual artists, creatives, journalists and content creators who share our vision of a world where the existing narrative about Africa reflects a more contemporary, dynamic and progressive continent


TRUE Africa’s series celebrating 21 women trailblazers is helping to change the narrative on women in the workplace.

Children’s Radio Foundation

The Children’s Radio Foundation gathered seven African storytellers, journalists, and creatives for the year-long African Podcast Workshop.

Jahazi Journal - Reclaiming Our Cultural Heritage

Reclaiming Our Cultural Heritage. That’s the name of the issue that Jahazi Journal dedicated to the restitution of cultural heritage stolen from the African continent.

Legally Clueless

Adele Onyango’s Legally Clueless podcast went on a four-city tour of Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu to record conversations with young people in Kenya’s university towns.

TAP Magazine - The Africa We Want campaign

“What does the Africa you want look like? And how do we get there?” These are the questions TAP ...

The Continent

The Continent is a weekly African newspaper showcasing the best reporting from journalists across Africa.

Thomson Foundation - African stories: A guide for journalists on how to tell better stories about Africa.

More than 300 journalists from across Africa gave their careers a boost by completing this guide.

The Everyday Projects - The Essentials

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Everyday Projects is ensuring that images of Africa go beyond stereotypes to show a dynamic continent. 

A24 Media - Yebo

How do you crowd in new narratives about Africa while also empowering the next generation of the continent’s storytellers?

HEVA Fund - Ascend Program

The kind of stories that end up as critical news agendas are also influenced by ownership and representation - diverse voices lead to diverse stories.