Tony Elumelu Storytellers Fund

Content produced as part of the Tony Elumelu Storytellers Fund

Felix Byaruhanga - My Hustle podcast

My Hustle is a transformative podcast series that has the potential to reshape global perceptions of Uganda while addressing critical issues within the African creative economy.

Margaret Lombe - A Thousand Words

In Zambia, the visual arts are largely not considered to be a form of entrepreneurship as well as a viable profession.

Bolarinwa Idowu Emmanuel - Birth of Santab

Birth of Santab is a social impact documentary that explores some of the entrepreneurship myths that prevent African and Nigerian youth from adopting the entrepreneurship approach of wealth creation.

Boakye Dacosta - Author

Is there a way to bridge the gap between the creative industry and entrepreneurship in Ghana?

Duduzile Luthuli - The Everyday Entrepreneur

The Everyday Entrepreneur: Stories from South Africa’s Informal Sector is a one-time digital magazine that shines the spotlight on more contemporary and authentic narratives of entrepreneurship in Africa.

Ezra Million - GETZ magazine

The 14th edition of GETZ Magazine delves deeper into the intersection between creative ecosystems, representation and the overall economy by way of a curated multimedia experience highlighting the expressions and stories of members of the Ethiopian Creative Economy.

Marcelline Okech - Content Creator

What climate solutions are some of the continent’s most innovative entrepreneurial minds coming up?

Nasir Ahmed - Young Entrepreneurs Elevating Visual Productions in Nigeria

Production company Ladder, Lex & Booker (LL&B) has established itself as a trailblazer in the Nigerian creative industry, particularly for its groundbreaking work in television advertisements and music videos.

Olivier Sentama - Documentary

Follow the lives of eight young artists emerging from the urban culture in a popular neighborhood of Bujumbura, Burundi in the documentary that showcases their stories and talents.

Siziphiwe Keke - Untrapped

Untrapped serves as a lens into the life of a differently-abled entrepreneur who does her daily life successfully against the status quo.

Veronica Adeti Mudongi - Nyakagwa Mahaga Performing Arts

Nyakagwa Mahaga Performing Arts worked on a theatre production. The play was attended by 130 people.

Wonai Haruperi - The Hands That Feed

Follow the life and times of three female creative entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe through photography.