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26 June 2022

Media Newsletter – 28 June

Cash in on your expertise, get a boost to launch a media startup and meet the woman mentoring the next generation of journalists in Nigeria.

14 June 2022

Media Newsletter - 14 June

Take a deep dive into ethical storytelling, boost your investigative skills and meet a blogger turning Africa into a foodie destination.

1 June 2022

ANF May Newsletter - French

Après deux ans d'existence, nous avons renversé le scénario des récits relatifs à la nourriture en Afrique et ajouté de nouveaux champions de la narration à notre communauté.

1 June 2022

ANF May Newsletter

We turned two, flipped the script on narratives about food in Africa and added more narrative champions to our community.

1 June 2022

Media Newsletter - 30 May

Find out why you need to get into Data Journalism and how to turn feel-good African stories into an earning opportunity.

3 May 2022

ANF April Newsletter

April reminded us that African women are a force.

3 May 2022

ANF April Newsletter - French

Le mois d'avril nous a rappelé que les femmes africaines constituent une force.

14 April 2022

Media Newsletter - 14 April

Audiences want feel-good stories instead of “bad and depressing news”, according to the Reuters Institute Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2022 report. The annual report unpacks digital news trends from revenue streams, social media and consumer engagement.