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16 August 2023

ANF July 2023 Newsletter

Find out how we celebrated African fashion and dance, check out the fabulous textile design inspired by gbegiri and ewedu soups, and meet Netflix’s first animated African superheroes.

16 August 2023

ANF July 2023 Newsletter French

Découvrez comment nous avons célébré la mode et la danse africaines, découvrez le fabuleux design textile inspiré des soupes gbegiri et ewedu, et rencontrez les premiers super-héros africains animés de Netflix.

19 July 2023

ANF June 2023 Newsletter

Find out which Nollywood producers and writers have joined the Oscars board, how you can support our #ISeeMe campaign and meet a chef who has travelled to 48 African countries to create an Afro-Fusion menu.

19 July 2023

ANF June 2023 Newsletter French

Découvrez les producteurs et scénaristes de Nollywood qui ont rejoint le comité des Oscars, comment soutenir notre campagne #ISeeMe et découvrez un chef qui a voyagé dans 48 pays africains pour créer un menu afro-fusion.

18 July 2023

Media Community Newsletter 18 July 2023

Find out how you can tell better climate stories, apply for a 3-month fellowship in Accra and read stories that moved us.

27 June 2023

Media Newsletter – 20 June 2023

Find out how journalist Dorcas Sheffy Bello built her brand by telling positive African stories, and how you can be funded to tell stories that show the continent beyond stereotypes.

20 June 2023

ANF May 2023 Newsletter French

Découvrez si le concept d'une Afrique unie est une réalité ou un rêve, obtenez un financement pour produire des histoires passionnantes qui représentent mieux l'Afrique, et découvrez ce sur quoi travaillent nos nouveaux champions de la narration.

12 June 2023

ANF May 2023 Newsletter

Find out whether the idea of one Africa is a reality or a dream, get funded to produce exciting stories that represent Africa better, and find out what our newest narrative champions are working on.