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1 June 2022

ANF May Newsletter

We turned two, flipped the script on narratives about food in Africa and added more narrative champions to our community.

1 June 2022

Media Newsletter - 30 May

Find out why you need to get into Data Journalism and how to turn feel-good African stories into an earning opportunity.

3 May 2022

ANF April Newsletter

April reminded us that African women are a force.

3 May 2022

ANF April Newsletter - French

Le mois d'avril nous a rappelé que les femmes africaines constituent une force.

14 April 2022

Media Newsletter - 14 April

Audiences want feel-good stories instead of “bad and depressing news”, according to the Reuters Institute Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2022 report. The annual report unpacks digital news trends from revenue streams, social media and consumer engagement.

5 April 2022

ANF March Newsletter - French

Nous avons célébré la Journée internationale de la femme en lançant un appel à candidatures pour l'octroi de subventions aux médias, destiné exclusivement aux femmes et aux organismes de médias dirigés par des femmes en Afrique et dans la diaspora.

1 April 2022

ANF March Newsletter

We celebrated International Women’s Day with a Media Grant callout aimed exclusively at women and women-led media organisations in Africa and the diaspora. Women are a big demographic in terms of numbers, but their voices are missing in the media, and we want to change that. This grant is for journalists, podcasters, TikTokers, bloggers, and vloggers; and for media organisations that amplify women in media.

24 March 2022

Media Newsletter - 24 March

The business of arts and creativity is one of Africa’s biggest exports, but stories of how music genres like Afrobeats and Amapiano became global pop culture or how Nollywood ended up as the second-biggest movie producer after Bollywood are missing in business stories about the continent. Arts and creativity are one of 35 trends journalists can use to write about business in Africa.