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31 January 2022

Media Newsletter - 31 January

Still think TikTok is for prepubescent teens showing off their dance moves? Think again. Tiktok is becoming the go-to social media platform for publishing news content. And some publishers believe that paying more attention to Tiktok and Instagram will be a game-changer. Spanish start-up Ac2ality is what happened when TikTok meets news. They built up around 3 million followers for a service that includes a one-minute round-up of top stories.

31 January 2022

ANF December Newsletter (French)

Cette année ne se résume pas à Omicron, aux coups d’État et aux élections en Afrique. En revanche, le continent a obtenu sa première cryptomonnaie de conception africaine. La Tanzanie a remporté son premier prix Nobel de littérature.

31 January 2022

ANF December Newsletter

This year wasn't just about Omicron, coups and elections in Africa. On the flip side, the continent got its first homemade Cryptocurrency. Tanzania won its first Nobel Prize for Literature. David Adjaye became the first black person to be awarded the UK’s highest honour for architecture. The West African superfood grain fonio won an award for being an outstanding new product, and the Time 100 list of the most influential people featured seven Africans this year.

31 January 2022

Media Newsletter - 31 December

Thinking of launching a news website? Now might be the right time to start. Inflection Point International has revealed that with consistency you could earn more for smaller audiences, measured as page views, than equivalent media in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Also, 57% of the African digital newsrooms have won national awards and 28 per cent had won international awards in recognition of their work.

5 December 2021

ANF November Newsletter (French)

En novembre, notre objectif était d'étendre notre impact. Nous avons publié le rapport "One Africa ", élargi notre fonds de financement et organisé une discussion interactive pour aider les producteurs africains à se faire une place sur la scène mondiale – juste un mois de plus dans notre monde.

5 December 2021

ANF November Newsletter

November was all about extending our impact. We launched the One Africa? report, expanded our funding pool and hosted a fireside chat to help African producers break into the global scene – just another month in our world.

8 November 2021

ANF October Newsletter (French)

Découvrez les géants africains qui ont attiré notre attention, rencontrez nos derniers acteurs renversant le discours dominant et participez aux conversations sur les vaccins, les voyages, la représentation et le leadership.

5 November 2021

ANF October Newsletter

Find out which African giant caught our attention, meet our latest narrative changemakers and engage with conversations ranging from vaccines, travel, representation and leadership.