Akosua Hanson - Moongirls Live

Akosua Hanson is the creator of the thrilling and philosophical Ghanaian graphic novel series, Moongirls, which follows the adventures of African queer supersheroes fighting for an Africa free from corruption, patriarchy and the legacies of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism. 

With 12 years of experience as an arts activist, Hanson believes in the power of art and artistic expression in changing the world. She also founded Drama Queens, a grassroots youth organisation for social change.

“(The ANF) grant is an excellent opportunity to provide visibility to African graphic novels and comic art created by Africans on the continent and, most importantly, by Africans passionate about telling their own stories. African graphic novels and comic art are hugely under-represented in the global industry. However, the aesthetics of African culture, traditions, art and philosophies are a fad and a current trend,” said Hanson.

She added that the grant would help Moon Girls Live reach new audiences. “We can also host more book club sessions for activism around the issues in the novels. Book Clubs are an invaluable way of fostering community around Moongirls and creating spaces for young Africans to envision a better Africa free from the shackles of oppression and neo-colonialism.”

Youtube: Moongirls
Website: www.moongirls.live