Ayodeji Rotinwa - African Arguments

African Arguments is a pan-African platform for news, investigation and opinion that platform seeks to analyse issues facing the continent, investigate the stories that matter, and amplify a diversity of voices. They cover politics, economics, gender, the environment, culture, social affairs and much more. 

The platform’s Operational Support grant was used to hire a full-time deputy editor, Ayodeji Rotinwa. “This opportunity gives us the means to double down on our goals of putting the power to determine topics, framing and approaches to telling stories in the hands of African writers,” Rotinwa said. He added that the impact of the grant is two-fold, as African Arguments is also launching the pilot for a  fellowship programme. "We will invest in upcoming journalists, providing editorial mentorship, career guidance and connecting them to networks crucial to sustainable careers in the African media industry. Second, we will be able to provide the financial backbone for writers to produce more exceptional, immersive reportage, analysis and investigations into a rich spectrum of contemporary issues from climate change to museum making and preservation of living histories, to protest movements and citizens taking ownership of their democracies, to evolution and overlapping of African music genres.”

He added: “We are passionate about shifting stereotypical narratives of Africa because we have seen both how damaging these narratives can be and how beneficial their alternatives can be. By producing fuller, layered reportage that does not solely focus on problems without context, we can see a complete view of society and reality, creating social change and connection opportunities. We can build and deepen trust with our audience, who are often otherwise overwhelmed and disillusioned by news that only focuses on what doesn’t work.”