Lucy Kanu Hopper - Changing Narratives Africa

Changing Narratives Africa is committed to shifting narratives about Africa by celebrating the continent's contributions to the global food ecosystem, showcasing innovations, and cooking methods, amplifying and scaling proudly African food and beverage brands, and ensuring that more people globally experience the diversity and richness of Africa's gastronomic heritage and exciting future. 

We partnered with them on the Narrative Changers Food Fellowship. It supports African food and beverage brands with market entry, branding, packaging, certification, placement, and global distribution. They also organise virtual food forums to promote knowledge sharing, market linkages, and business connections between producers, processors, chefs, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and food enthusiasts across Africa, North America, and Europe. 

“It is a great opportunity to showcase Africa to the world. Raising awareness about the diversity, richness, and taste of cuisine from Africa, to build bridges between the Continent and the rest of the world and change negative stereotypes,” said Lucy Kanu Hopper, “The grant will facilitate the amplification of Africa’s impact in the global food ecosystem with the aim of changing the existing narrative and driving demand for African food products.”

Youtube: Changing Narratives Africa