Muna Ahmed - Freelance Scriptwriter

Muna Ahmed, known as Mullaaxo, is a bilingual writer and activist based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. She has written extensively on Somali culture and society, as well as using her work to promote literacy and advocate for reading, self-development, gender equality, and cultural identity among Somali Youth.

She has published two Somali books (Baadidoon, 2014 and Gaaraabidhaan, 2016) and translated The Secret Garden (Beertii Qarsoodiga ahayd, 2021). “The stories created through this grant will show a different side of the Somali people: the persistence, richness, talent and quality they possess in terms of poetry, literature, music, culture and so on. It will reveal the true identity of the Somali people and their values.”

Social Media quote: This grant means a lot to me. I will be able to share the beauty of my culture with the world and redefine Somali identity by showing the resilience and the richness of Somali people and their culture.