Seju Alero Mike - OSENGWA

Founded in 2016 by Seju Alero Mike, OSENGWA is a transcontinental platform showcasing curated pieces of African-influenced visual art, creative writing, music, and fashion. It has operations in Lagos, Accra, and Virginia. We’ve partnered with the m on a series of projects aimed at showcasing emerging and established artists, expanding their audience, and providing deeper insight into Africa's creative economy.  “The grant provides crucial support to OSENGWA's work, enabling us to sustain and deepen our operations. As a passion project-cum-business, OSENGWA has long been fueled by its founder’s grit and tenacity. This grant represents a vote of confidence by a reputable organisation, underscoring the value of the work being done by OSENGWA within the African creative ecosystem,” Seju Alero Mike said.