We produce evidence-based insights on the impact of the current stereotypical narratives on the continent's development

Our research partners are Facebook, AUDA-NEPAD, The African Union Commission and the Africa Centre in New York.

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There is consensus that Africa's narrative is characterised by persistently negative stories and stereotypes that focus more on the challenges and less on the progress.

As a result, how Africans view themselves and how we are viewed by others is informed by outdated views that in many cases don’t reflect current realities.

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Literature Review: Academic writing on African narratives

In 2018 the fictional country Wakanda from the film Black Panther was the fourth most mentioned African country on Twitter.

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Literature Review: African youth and the impact of narrative

In a recent CNN interview, the Director of Africa's Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. John Nkengasong said that 80% of Africa’s Covid-19 cases could be asymptomatic and attributed the resulting low death rates on the continent to its large youth population.

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Research: How African media covers Africa

Who holds the pen that writes African stories in the media in Africa? 

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Research: Africa in the U.S Media

Africa No Filter partnered with The African Narrative to research how Africa and Africans are depicted in U.S. media and entertainment.

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Research: Google Africa Trends Reports

Want to know what Africa is thinking and talking about?

Google Africa Trends Report: To understand what Africa is really thinking about, we unpack the data on the continent’s search history

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Research: Twitter Africa Trends Reports

Want to know what Africa is thinking and talking about?

Twitter Africa Trends Report. And it if it’s trending on Twitter, we want to know who, why and what Africans are talking about?

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