Tony Elumelu Storytellers Fund Champions 2023/2024

Bolarinwa Idowu Emmanuel

Award-winning Nigerian entrepreneur Bolarinwa Idowu Emmanuel is producing a docu-drama inspired by his entrepreneurial journey.

Marcelline Okech

Kenyan video journalist Marcelline Okech’s augmented reality exhibition showcases Africa's promising tech entrepreneurs and how they’re creating local solutions while enabling economic growth.

Margaret Lombe

Zambian writer and filmmaker Margaret Lombe’s short film follows the rise of men entrepreneurs in the nail industry.

Adeti Mahaga

Kenyan cultural practitioner and communication specialist Veronica Adeti Mudongi’s play tells the story of the tough life of young visual artists who are inspired to boost their business of their creativity.

Olivier Sentama

Burundian singer, dancer and choreographer Olivier Sentama’s documentary tells the story of eight young artists in a popular neighborhood of Bujumbura, Burundi. It culminates in a collaborative music video that celebrates the value and influence of creative entrepreneurship in Africa.

Wonai Haruperi

Wonai Haruperi is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Harare. Her coffee table book documents the lives, lessons and work of three entrepreneurs.

Siziphiwe Keke

South African Siziphiwe Keke’s docu-series, The Un-trapped Series, shines a light on the experiences of three differently abled entrepreneurs.

Ngozi John

Nigerian author Ngozi John’s documentary film is about entrepreneurship. Her subject is a Yorùbá traditional musician and drum maker who has to keep up with the digitalisation of music and its impact on the business of his art.

Nasir Ahmed Achile

Nigerian journalist and creative Nasir Ahmed Achile’s documentary is a deep dive into the growth of new generation TV commercial producers and directors and how they've been able to carve a path for themselves in a competitive industry.

Kgomotso Ramushu

South African writer and researcher Kgomotso Ramushu is working on a blog and e-zine project, Ndoli Jowei, is a celebration of the work of African women artists on the continent and the Diaspora. African.

Felix Byaruhanga

Ugandan creative Felix Byaruhanga’s seven-part visual and audio podcast series magnifies the lifecycle of a business using the experiences of successful creative entrepreneurs.

Ezra Million

Ethiopian multimedia journalist Ezra Million’s magazine issue and podcast series features entrepreneurial stories from artists and cultural practitioners in Ethiopia.

Habibou Diaou

Habibou Diaou, from Mali, is producing a documentary that shines a spotlight on waste management and untapped opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Dudu Luthuli

South African writer and content specialist Dudu Luthuli’s project, The Everyday Entrepreneur - Lessons from South Africa's Informal Sector - profiles two young South African business owners whose first taste of entrepreneurship was in the informal sector.

Andriarimanjaka Dina Nomena

Andriarimanjaka Dina Nomena, from Madagascar, is a feminist journalist and filmmaker. She’s working on a collection of portraits and illustrations of Malagsy women entrepreneurs. 

Abdou Zouré

Award-winning Burkinabe journalist Abdou Zoure is producing 20 short films of three minutes each, which will follow the inspiring and impactful stories of Ouagadougou-based entrepreneurs.

Boakye D. Alpha

Ghanaian author, poet and filmmaker Dacosta Boakye is producing a creative nonfiction piece on the creative industry and entrepreneurship in Ghana.