What we do

All our grants and initiatives fall under 4 strategic pillars that guide our work: 

Research: Everything we do is evidence-based and data-driven. We use robust research to examine what narratives prevail and the impact these have on everything from investment into Africa to migration from the continent. 

We strengthen the narrative change ecosystem: Africa No Filter is not alone in this work. We want to unite those individuals and organisations already challenging and shifting narratives. Through networking, events and a powerful support system of grants and other opportunities, we are bringing together this community. Together we can do so much. 

We empower storytellers: We support the continent’s creatives as they work to tell African stories with depth, honesty and nuance. We support media platforms that provide the space for storytelling.

We disrupt and advocate for narrative change: ANF is the narrative watchdog for the continent. We are tracking, recording and sharing learnings and data around stereotypical narratives. We use our voice and our platforms to applaud narrative changemakers and identify harmful narratives as they emerge. Read more below about our work to start Africa’s first ‘soft’ story news agency. Tag us on social media at @africanofilter or email us at info@africanofilter.org if you see examples of harmful storytelling we should highlight. 


Our reports identify key trends and insights on matters of African narrative and compile them into short, easy to read reports.

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Narrative ecosystem

There are already individuals and organisations working hard to shift the harmful narratives about the continent. We want to empower them.

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Support storytellers

Whoever holds the pen writes the story. We want the pen to be held by Africans storytellers.

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We’re launching Africa’s first agency for ‘soft news’. With more than 1.2 billion people from 3,000 different ethnic groups, speaking more than 2,000 languages, and located in 54 distinct countries, Africa is a diverse continent of countless unique stories.

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