A Pan-African Collaborative
For New African Narratives


We make grants to organizations at the forefront of narrative change in Africa


We lift up and amplify voices of innovative African artists and storytellers


We support pan-African dialogues and disseminate cutting-edge research.

What Is #AfricaNoFilter?

#AfricaNoFilter is a multi-partner collaborative to use the arts, new media, business, journalism and allied resources to support and amplify new voices and new stories of Africa

With more than 1.2 billion people from 3,000 different ethnic groups, speaking more than 2,000 different languages, and located in 54 distinct countries, Africa is a diverse continent of countless unique stories. Yet narratives about Africa are still being shaped by voices outside of the continent – as a result, how African’s view themselves and how we are viewed by others is informed by stereotypical and outdated views that in many cases don’t reflect current realities.

#AfricaNoFilter supports the development of nuanced and contemporary stories that shift stereotypical and harmful narratives within and about Africa.  Through research, grant-making and advocacy we aim to build the field of narrative change-makers by supporting storytellers, investing in media platforms, and driving disruption campaigns.   ANF’s goal over time is to leave an empowered narrative change ecosystem and an informed community of storytellers who work more deliberately to change harmful narratives within and about Africa.

ANF is an initiative of a donor collaborative funded by Ford Foundation,  Bloomberg,  Andrew W. Mellon FoundationLuminateOpen Society Foundations and Comic Relief.

Our Mission And Vision

Our partners are piloting new approaches for igniting a pan-African movement to drive narrative change.
Together we aim to:


Amplify and elevate self-respecting narratives and dialogues of honest self-critique by diverse new voices and storytellers from across the continent. 


Build a dynamic and catalytic network of African partners, including storytellers, cultural institutions, businesses, academic institutions, independent media outlets, philanthropic institutions and others, to propel these new narratives.


Strengthen key institutions across Africa that are critical hubs for developing and disseminating new narratives.

Why Now?

We believe it is possible to disrupt outdated narratives, and realign them with today’s reality

Digital technology platforms provide Africans new opportunities to speed the creation and dissemination of unique stories in ways that can dramatically shift perceptions – both within and outside Africa.

Moreover, more than 77 percent of Africans are younger than 35 and the median age is 19 years. This generation is confident, creative and motivated to imagine a new future for themselves and others.